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Prompt Post: Round 1
common_mod wrote in common_meme
Welcome to Round 1 of the Common Law Meme!

Please read the Rules before you post. If you have any questions/concerns, ask the mods!

ANNOUNCEMENT: We now have a delicious archive located here.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Duplicate prompts will be deleted. The text for duplicate prompts will be available here, if you wish to repost with more details. Please check the delicious archive to see if your idea has already been prompted. 

This round will be closed for 48 hours once it reaches ~2500 comments (No new prompts can be posted during this time, Fills are still allowed). The round will permanently close when it reaches ~5000 comments (New prompts will be deleted after it closes, Fills are still allowed to be posted during this time)

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Travis/Wes, sex pollen

This fandom needs a sex pollen fic.

Come on, all that familiar hostility and aggression, multiplied by seven/five years of what must surely have been a tumultuous acquaintance/partnership, and then set loose with a careless whiff of the wrong substance?

Give me two frustrated cops so desperate to get off that they don't even bother figuring out who tops; they just rut against each other until they exhaust themselves

Re: Travis/Wes, sex pollen

Sticky! (pun totally intended!)

Re: Travis/Wes, sex pollen

Wow I didn't know how much I wanted this until just now.

Fill: Travis/Wes, sex pollen

Dear god help me, but here we go... and with my first ever fanfic. I can't say I've ever heard of the idea of sex pollen before, but I ran with it anyway. Hopefully this at least comes close to what the OP was looking for.

And since it got out of hand, I've posted it at my journal, here:

Hopefully this is okay and I stuck to the rules.

Re: Fill: Travis/Wes, sex pollen

And since I was asked, there is now more:

Re: Fill: Travis/Wes, sex pollen

And yet more. Anyone tired of this yet? LOL

Re: Fill: Travis/Wes, sex pollen


Re: Fill: Travis/Wes, sex pollen


Or wait... unless you mean 'thank god she's done and not writing any more drivel!'. KIDDING.

Thank you and enjoy!

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